The most anticipated elections of Pakistan are to be held on the 15th of Nov.


  • 25 Years is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for the National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • 25 Years is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for a Provincial Assembly
  • 45 Years is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for office of the President.
  • 25 Years is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for office of the Prime Minister?

Gilgit Baltistan Map


Gilgit Baltistan 2020 Candidates List

ID Consituency District Candidates Party Name Year
1GBLA-1GilgitJohar AliPTI2020
2GBLA-2GilgitFateh Ullah KhanPTI2020
3GBLA-3GilgitSyed Jaffar ShahPTI2020
4GBLA-4Hunza NagarZulfiqar AliPTI2020
5GBLA-5Hunza NagarVacant for MWMPTI2020
6GBLA-6Hunza NagarColonel (R) Ubaid Ullah BaigPTI2020
7GBLA-7SkarduRaja Muhammad Zakarya Khan MaqpoonPTI2020
8GBLA-8SkarduVacant for MWMPTI2020
9GBLA-9SkarduHaji Fida Muhammad NashadPTI2020
10GBLA-10SkarduWazeer HassanPTI2020
11GBLA-11SkarduSyed Amjad Ali ZaidiPTI2020
12GBLA-12SkarduRaja Muhammad Azam KhanPTI2020
13GBLA-13AstoreMuhammad Khalid Khurshid KhanPTI2020
14GBLA-14AstoreShams ul Haq LoanPTI2020
15GBLA-15DiamerNooshad AlamPTI2020
16GBLA-16DiamerAtiq UllahPTI2020
17GBLA-17DiamerHaidar KhanPTI2020
18GBLA-18DiamerHaji Gulbar KhanPTI2020
19GBLA-19GhizerZafar MuhammadPTI2020
20GBLA-20GhizerNazeer Ahmad AdvcoatePTI2020
21GBLA-21GhizerRaja JahanzabPTI2020
22GBLA-22GhancheMuhammad Ibrahim SanaiPTI2020
23GBLA-23GhancheAmina AnsariPTI2020
24GBLA-24GhancheSyed Shams UddinPTI2020
25GBLA-1GilgitAmjad Hussain AdvocatePPP2020
26GBLA-2GilgitJamil AhmadPPP2020
27GBLA-3GilgitAftab HaidarPPP2020
28GBLA-4Hunza NagarJaved HussainPPP2020
29GBLA-5Hunza NagarMirza HusnainPPP2020
30GBLA-6Hunza NagarZahoor KareemPPP2020
31GBLA-7SkarduSyed Mehdi ShahPPP2020
32GBLA-8SkarduMuhammad Ali ShahPPP2020
33GBLA-9SkarduWazeer WaqarPPP2020
34GBLA-10SkarduWazir Muhammad KhanPPP2020
35GBLA-11SkarduNiaz Ali SiamPPP2020
36GBLA-12SkarduImran NadeemPPP2020
37GBLA-13AstoreAbdul Hameed KhanPPP2020
38GBLA-14AstoreNot DecidedPPP2020
39GBLA-15DiamerBashir KhanPPP2020
40GBLA-16DiamerHaji Dilbar KhanPPP2020
41GBLA-17DiamerAbdul Ghaffar KhanPPP2020
42GBLA-18DiamerSadia DanishPPP2020
43GBLA-19GhizerPir Jallal ShahPPP2020
44GBLA-20GhizerNot DecidedPPP2020
45GBLA-21GhizerMuhammad AyubPPP2020
46GBLA-22GhancheMuhammad JaffirPPP2020
47GBLA-23GhancheGhulam Ali HaidariPPP2020
48GBLA-24GhancheEngineer Muhammad IsmailPPP2020
49GBLA-1GilgitNot DecidedPML-N2020
50GBLA-2GilgitHafiz Hafeez ur RehmanPML-N2020
51GBLA-3GilgitZulfiqar AliPML-N2020
52GBLA-4Hunza NagarEngineer Arif HussainPML-N2020
53GBLA-5Hunza NagarSajjad HussainPML-N2020
54GBLA-6Hunza NagarSyed Rehan ShahPML-N2020
55GBLA-7SkarduHaji Akbar TabanPML-N2020
56GBLA-8SkarduNot DecidedPML-N2020
57GBLA-9SkarduNot DecidedPML-N2020
58GBLA-10SkarduGhulam AbbasPML-N2020
59GBLA-11SkarduEngineer Shabbir HussainPML-N2020
60GBLA-12SkarduTahir ShigriPML-N2020
61GBLA-13AstoreFarman AliPML-N2020
62GBLA-14AstoreNot DecidedPML-N2020
63GBLA-15DiamerAbdul WajidPML-N2020
64GBLA-16DiamerEngineer Muhammad AnwarPML-N2020
65GBLA-17DiamerSadar Aalam KhanPML-N2020
66GBLA-18DiamerNot DecidedPML-N2020
67GBLA-19GhizerAtif SalmanPML-N2020
68GBLA-20GhizerNot DecidedPML-N2020
69GBLA-21GhizerGhulam MuhammadPML-N2020
70GBLA-22GhancheRaza Ul HaqPML-N2020
71GBLA-23GhancheGhulam HussainPML-N2020
72GBLA-24GhancheEngr; Manzoor HussainPML-N2020
73GBLA-1GilgitNot DecidedMWM2020
74GBLA-2GilgitNot DecidedMWM2020
75GBLA-3GilgitNot DecidedMWM2020
76GBLA-4Hunza NagarNot DecidedMWM2020
77GBLA-5Hunza NagarRizwan AliMWM2020
78GBLA-6Hunza NagarNot DecidedMWM2020
79GBLA-7SkarduNot DecidedMWM2020
80GBLA-8SkarduMuhammad KazimMWM2020
81GBLA-9SkarduNot DecidedMWM2020
82GBLA-10SkarduNot DecidedMWM2020
83GBLA-11SkarduNot DecidedMWM2020
84GBLA-12SkarduNot DecidedMWM2020
85GBLA-13AstoreNot DecidedMWM2020
86GBLA-14AstoreNot DecidedMWM2020
87GBLA-15DiamerNot DecidedMWM2020
88GBLA-16DiamerNot DecidedMWM2020
89GBLA-17DiamerNot DecidedMWM2020
90GBLA-18DiamerNot DecidedMWM2020
91GBLA-19GhizerNot DecidedMWM2020
92GBLA-20GhizerNot DecidedMWM2020
93GBLA-21GhizerNot DecidedMWM2020
94GBLA-22GhancheNot DecidedMWM2020
95GBLA-23GhancheNot DecidedMWM2020
96GBLA-24GhancheNot DecidedMWM2020
97GBLA-1GilgitSyed Mustafa ShahITP2020
98GBLA-2GilgitSyed Faqeer ShahITP2020
99GBLA-3GilgitZia uddin AdvocateITP2020
100GBLA-4Hunza NagarMuhammad Baqir ShaikhITP2020
101GBLA-5Hunza NagarNot DecidedITP2020
102GBLA-6Hunza NagarNot DecidedITP2020
103GBLA-7SkarduMuhammad Abbas AdvocateITP2020
104GBLA-8SkarduMuhammad Shabbir HafziITP2020
105GBLA-9SkarduNot DecidedITP2020
106GBLA-10SkarduCaption (R) Muhammad Ali SikandarITP2020
107GBLA-11SkarduMuhammad Ali Khan KachoITP2020
108GBLA-12SkarduNot DecidedITP2020
109GBLA-13AstoreNot DecidedITP2020
110GBLA-14AstoreNot DecidedITP2020
111GBLA-15DiamerNot DecidedITP2020
112GBLA-16DiamerNot DecidedITP2020
113GBLA-17DiamerNot DecidedITP2020
114GBLA-18DiamerNot DecidedITP2020
115GBLA-19GhizerNot DecidedITP2020
116GBLA-20GhizerNot DecidedITP2020
117GBLA-21GhizerNot DecidedITP2020
118GBLA-22GhancheNot DecidedITP2020
119GBLA-23GhancheNot DecidedITP2020
120GBLA-24GhancheNot DecidedITP2020

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What is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for the National Assembly of Pakistan?

25 years.

What is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for a Provincial Assembly?

25 years.

What is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for office of the President?

45 years.

What is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for office of the Prime Minister?

Above 25 Years.